February 27 - March 20, 2019

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I Am Sustainable Pittsburgh is a program of Sustainable Pittsburgh designed to engage citizens in sustainable practices and living. The platform challenges users to adopt actions and behaviors that add up to real impact for our region. In this way, participants are speeding the transition to sustainable development, social equity, environmental quality and true economic progress.

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  • March 22 at 4:22 AM
    Accountability check!  Hope everyone is well on their way to being more eco-conscience. 
  • March 21 at 6:02 PM
    I learned that it may be a inconvenience or a real big bother to start a challenge but once you are into the challenge and do the activities for several days it becomes routine and not a bother at all.  Plus it makes you feel good that you did something to help yourself and our community.
  • March 21 at 10:19 AM
    I started a bit late, but I still learned a lot about how many small actions make a big impact on everything in our lives. Will do again next year!